About SKTC


SKTC (Skärteknikcentrum Sverige) aims to take lead or engagement in activities that contribute to sustainable competitiveness in the metal cutting industry.


Short term perspective – SKTC carries out business that benefits directly in companies, e.g. validation and certification of professional qualifications:

  • training
  • technical events
  • networking between companies
  • R&D projects
  • employer branding, youth branding

Long term perspective – SKTC looks to the industry’s interests as a whole where it is difficult for the individual company to act e.g.:

  • quality assurance of education in the school system,
  • participation in industry councils and expert groups for political decisions that are important for the manufacturing industry in Sweden.

Organisational Structure

Svenska Skärteknikföreningen is the Swedish national trade association for turned and machined component manufacturers. The association is independent with close and strong cooperation with Teknikföretagen (the Employers’ organisation for Swedish Engineering Industries) and IF Metall (the Swedish Industrial and Metalworkers’ Union). All operations of the association are run by its 100 % owned subsidiary SKTC.


  • Ordinary members comprising manufacturers of turned or machined parts;
  • technical members comprising of companies or enterprises supplying, oil, tooling, materials etc. to ordinary member companies;
  • associate members comprising educational and R&D institutions providing training or other manufacturing-related programs to the precision machined products industry.

Contact information


Jönköpingsvägen 15
SE – 331 34 Värnamo

+46 371 160 51