Verband der Deutschen Drehteile-Industrie, German turned parts industry association

The German Turned Parts Industry Association “VERBAND DER DEUTSCHEN DREHTEILE- INDUSTRIE” was founded in 1948.

The association integrates the important turned parts manufacturers of Germany. It supports the cooperation of the more than 120 member companies in technical and economic issues. Practical and effective solutions help the association members to face their actual challenges.

Examples of Activities

  • Two meetings of the members per year
  • Information on economic development and on development of markets
  • Analysis of general terms of delivery and purchase, quality and warranty agreements, etc.
  • Participation in the “Association of Subcontracting Industries”, Support of the members with regard to powerful customers
  • Information and lectures on new developments of machines and means of production Papers and projects in the field of turned parts and on inter-disciplinary topics Information on insurance and environmental questions Recommendation of business terms
  • General agreements (certification, telecommunication, insurance, etc.) Representation of interests with regard to authorities and national as well as international institutions Organization of international trips for business delegations Statistics and economic data, Benchmarking Internet-Homepage Surveillance of standards Joint presentation on fairs

Organisational Structure

The German Turned Parts Industry Association is directly integrated in the organizational structure of German Industry by memberships in the associations FMI (Association of Metal-Products- and related Industries), WSM (Association of Steel- and Metalworking Industry) and BDI (Association of German Industry). In this way, the German Turned Parts Industry Association receives first hand knowledge on all relevant information:

Contact information


FMI Leostrasse 22
40545 Duesseldorf

+49 211 57 73 91 0