SID Congress 2020

Welcome Message to the SID Congress in Barcelona on June 7-11, 2020

As the President of the SID group (2018-2020), I am delighted to invite you to attend the next edition of SID Congress in Barcelona on June 7-11, 2020, organized by the Catalan Precision Turned Parts Manufacturing Association (ADECAT). The Congress will be based on Barcelona for all delegates but we will have a chance to move to other places of Catalonia by visiting different companies all around.

Catalonia is a small country divided into 4 provinces (Barcelona-Girona-Lleida-Tarragona) with an overall area of 32.000 Km2 and 7.5 Million people. Most industrial and comercial activities take place on Barcelona province.

City of Barcelona and its surrounding area houses 4 Million people, what means lots of business and comercial activities, tourist and shopping, and a very exciting city life. Also different important summer music and theatre festivals will take place by the time of this Congress in Barcelona.

The NH Collection Barcelona Constanza 4*, the hotel selected for the event, is a contemporary delight in stylish white marble. The creation of Pritzker prize-winning architect Rafael Moneo, designer of the Los Angeles Cathedral, it’s located in the heart of Barcelona’s business district.

We are living in a very exciting time where many disruptives technologies are taking place altogether at the same time. Industry 4.0 (IOT), Additive Manufacturing, Electric Vehicle, Big Data, AI, etc… are knocking on the door. How they will affect our business and our companies?
For sure we will have the chance to talk deeply about all these subjects in June 2020 in Barcelona and will have the opportunity to visit some companies which are very active on these areas.

The partner’s program will also include an amazing agenda with many different activities in Barcelona and in the most wonderful landscapes of Catalonia. A kids program will be also planned in a separate way in regards of the number of kids/youngsters will attend the Congress.

We are planning a unique program and we are looking forward to hosting a memorable experience.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to Barcelona and the 2020 SID Congress.

I will have great pleasure in welcoming you.

More information soon in

Jordi Farrés
President of the SID group
President of the ADECAT
Local Organizing Committee