About SID

SID Vision

This international organisation was created in 1963 to bring together national organisations representing the precision machining industry.


The mission of Syndicat International du Décolletage is to collaborate, share networks and to exchange ideas and be open to the world of engineering.

Key Objectives

Syndicat International du Décolletage will:

  • facilitate communication between the various countries and the members constituting these organisations,
  • promote friendship and understanding between people of different nationalities engaged in activities falling under the same profession in the world,
  • organise a bi-annual congress of all national members organisations to discuss and share knowledge on common issues,
  • share, compare and analyse the economic data of each member country,
  • collaborate, encourage and facilitate the opportunity for international exchange of young members who wish to learn in other member countries.


Current members are:

  • ADECAT – Catalonia
  • BTMA – United Kingdom
  • PMPA – USA and Canada
  • PTMA – Ireland
  • SKTC – Sweden
  • SNDEC – France
  • SWISS PRECISION – Switzerland

The chairmanship rotates every two years and is currently held by Catalonia.

History of the International Association

At the meeting held in Stuttgart in May 1963, it was agreed, on the initiative of Messrs. Wihelm Arthecker (Germany), Paul Maitre (France), whose company was at the time one of the most important in the Avre Valley, and Harry G. Smith (USA), that an International Association of National Bodies interested in bar turning activities should be constituted:

1) to facilitate communication in the areas of technology, accounting, training and distribution between the various countries and the members that make up these various bodies,

(2) to co-operate with member countries by holding biennial meetings,

3) to foster friendship and understanding between people of different nationalities engaged in activities of the same profession all over the world with the primary concern of bringing together the youth of each country by organising the encouragement of exchanges, visits, vacations and training of apprentices and trainees.

It is an unique opportunity to bring member countries together by holding meetings and congresses every two years during which we can discuss our industry in all aspects, the evolution of technologies, the operation of companies, the comparison of figures, the problems encountered in different countries etc.

In order to implement this project, international days were organised, during which committee meetings were held in:

– Stuttgart in May 1963
– Montreal in September 1963
– London in May 1967
– Vienna in May 1969
– Paris in September 1970

It was in 1970 that this project took on a legal form.

Future Meetings

YearSID CongressSteering Committee Meeting
2024United Kingdom
2027United Kingdom

Name of the Organization

It was agreed at the initiative of Paul Maitre that the name of the International Association would be:

(London meeting held in 1967)